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Gute Gründe für einen Hausboot Urlaub

7 reasons why you should spend your next vacation on a houseboat on the Baltic Sea.

More and more people are dreaming of spending their next vacation on a houseboat - and with good reason. Staying on a houseboat on the Baltic Sea is something very special and has enjoyed increasing demand in recent years. In this article we would like to give you our five reasons why it is absolutely worth spending your next vacation on the water:

1.Freedom and Flexibility

There is hardly anything that we associate more closely with the concept of freedom than the wide view of the sea. A stay on a houseboat allows you to organize your everyday life completely yourself. You don't have to stick to meal times and there is no cleaning service knocking on your door unannounced. If you want to go swimming, you have toYou don't have to worry about which lounger to put your towel on - instead you just jump off the boat onto your SUP and paddle out into the blue. For us, freedom also means individuality. While houseboats may be trendy, there are only a limited number of boats per port. As a result, the holiday on the water remains something special and retains a high degree of individuality. In contrast, many people who long for nature end up in classic big hotels with a lot of uniformity. You really don't have to worry that the marina is completely overcrowded.

2.Unlike an ordinary boat or holiday home

You have certainly noticed that our houseboats on the Baltic Sea are moored in the harbor and are therefore not manoeuvrable. This circumstance can be particularly beneficial for people who feel unsafe on the water or are prone to seasickness. The gentle rocking movement of the waves can be felt, but is well tolerated by "landlubbers". Our Floating Houses are comparable to vacation homes, just on the water. Whether alone, as a couple or with family and friends - our houseboats meet a wide range of needs and offer a modern way of vacationing and living.

3. Aeverything depends on deceleration

In our increasingly hectic world, more and more people long for a break to really switch off.uAnd houseboats are ideal for this. They literally force us to slow down and take us out of everyday life and onto the water. The stormy high seas do not await us here, but a safe harbor with rare high waves. The gentle rocking of the waves creates a soothing feeling similar to that of a rocking chair and is particularly good for switching off. The natural elements can be best appreciated from a houseboat on the Baltic Sea. Grab a good book, dip your feet in the water and enjoy your favorite drink. Sitting on the roof terrace you can feel the wind between your hair, close your eyes and let your soul dangle. Because you deserve it.

4.Harbor idyll and harbor cinema

When we think of German ports, the first thing that comes to mind for many is the port of Hamburg and other large container transshipment points. But there is also an abundance of small and individual ports whose special charm onlywaiting to be discovered. Our Baltic Sea houseboats are all set up in so-called marinas, also known as yacht harbours, which are mainly used for pleasure craft shipping (sailing and motor yachts). A marina is of course much quieter and therefore more suitable for a holiday. Still, it's a port, and anyone who appreciates life on the water will love it on a houseboatah witness. A particularly beautiful marina is, for example, theMarina Heiligenhafen-Ortmühle.

5th Udifferent view of the world

in the Marina,a special place between water and land, we can not only slow down on a houseboat, but also change our perspective. It is helpful and inspiring to look at things from a different perspective. usuallye we stand on the shore and look at the water when we are near a body of water. However, houseboat holidays offer us the opportunity to change this perspective. We are now looking at the land from the water and can be stimulated to think.

6.Close to nature

A houseboat holiday offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and discover new places. You can watch the sunrise and sunset, spot wildlife and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the water.

7.Comfort and Convenience:

Modern houseboats like thatBaltic Sea houseboat Antje Frieda on Fehmarnor thatBeach houseboat Swantje in Heiligenhafenare fully equipped with everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable stay. You have a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable beds and showers and toilets.


Seven good reasons to rent a houseboat on the Baltic Sea and have a unique and unforgettable experience.

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