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Heimathafen - Position of the two Baltic Sea houseboats on Fehmarn and Heiligenhafen.

Both houseboats are firmly anchored and can be rented for a vacation on the Baltic Sea.

Home port yacht dockyard Heiligenhafen in Ortmühle

The marina of the yacht shipyard Heiligenhafen is a beautiful harbor with a breathtaking location and a wonderful view of the Graswarder nature reserve, which is located on the opposite dune peninsula. Here you will find everything you need for a pleasant stay: utilities are available and shops are within easy walking distance. The shipyard also offers boat repairs to ensure your yacht stays in optimum condition.

The port has a barbecue area and a playground, making it a popular place for families with children. Right next to the port area there is a small beach that invites you to swim and sunbathe. Here you can enjoy the sun and relax.

Heiligenhafen, a picturesque town, is only about 2 km from the harbor and offers numerous activities and sights. The port is therefore the ideal starting point for exploring the city and enjoying the surroundings.

All in all, the marina of the yacht shipyard Heiligenhafen offers a perfect location and all the amenities you need for a successful holiday.

Marina Burkstaaken on the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn

The quaint harbor of Burgstaaken on the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn is a lively center for fishing, fishing trips and boat trips and a dream destination for everyone who loves the harbor flair. In the picturesque surroundings of the harbor basin there are charming pubs, nice restaurants and cozy cafes, which offer the perfect place for a break or a romantic dinner. It has recently even become possible to eat on a ship.

In addition to an impressive selection of gastronomic offers, there is a wide range of leisure activities that have something for every taste. The more adventurous can join a boat trip or a fishing trip, while pleasure boats take visitors to the surrounding islands.

For those looking for a challenge, Burgstaaken also offers silo climbing or a kart race where you can test your limits and get your adrenaline pumping.

Overall, the port of Burgstaaken exudes a lively and dynamic atmosphere. Here you can spend an unforgettable day or evening and fully enjoy the maritime flair of the Baltic Sea.

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