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  • How do I add new Questions & Answers?
    To add a new FAQ, follow these steps: Click on the "Manage FAQ" button. Then, in your site dashboard, click on "Add" and select the "Question & Answer" option. Each new question & answer should be assigned to a category. Save and publish them. You can edit, rearrange and select different categories of your FAQ at any time.
  • What is a houseboat?
    A houseboat is, by definition, a floating dwelling object that is anchored or movable on a body of water. A houseboat can be made of different materials such as wood, metal or plastic and have different shapes and sizes. It often has its own motor that allows it to move on the water. A houseboat offers the same comfort and facilities as a house on land. It can be used as a permanent residence or as a holiday home. The sea view houseboats are stationary and not mobile. That doesn't mean they're any less restful - quite the opposite.
  • Can I add images, videos or GIFs to my FAQ?
    Yes. To add media, follow these steps: Go to app settings. Click on "Manage FAQ". Create or select a question to add media to. When editing your answer, click the image, video, or GIF icon. Add media from your library and save this.
  • How do I remove the "FAQ" title?
    You can manage the title in the app's Settings tab. If you don't want to show the title, simply deactivate the title under "Show info".
  • Do I need a driver's license?
    Sea View Houseboats offers you the opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday on a permanently anchored houseboat. Our floating holiday homes are equipped to a high standard and have many advantages: You don't need a driver's license or special skills to book a houseboat with us. We make it easy for you to realize your dream of a vacation on the water. You can sit back and relax without having to worry about technical questions or driving rules. Your houseboat stays in place and offers you a safe and comfortable retreat. Our ports are located in the attractive Ostholstein region and have been designed with great care and taste. Here you can experience nature, let yourself be seduced by culinary delights or try various water sports - ideal for a good time with your loved ones. If you feel like exploring the water on a boat, you are better off with a sports boat than with a houseboat. Therefore, you can rent boats nearby or take part in a harbor tour to discover the area.
  • Do you get seasick on your houseboats?
    Our houseboats are very stable and heavy, weighing around 14 tons. You are in a calm harbor where there are hardly any waves. In strong winds it can rock a little more on the houseboat Swantje, the Antje Frieda is consistently very calm, even in strong storms. It is therefore very unlikely that you will get seasick on a houseboat holiday. Motion sickness only occurs when the eye sees something different than the body feels. If the boat is stationary but the railing or wall is moving, it can cause a feeling of nausea. However, many people find it very relaxing when the boat rocks slightly.
  • How sustainable is a houseboat holiday on the Baltic Sea?
    A holiday on our Baltic Sea houseboats is an environmentally friendly way to travel. This type of accommodation does not take up land space, so it does not sail space and does not require fuel as our houseboats are firmly anchored. You can also enjoy a special holiday on the houseboat without having to use a plane.
  • What makes a houseboat vacation so special?
    A houseboat vacation offers an incomparable closeness to nature. You can experience the uniqueness of the landscape, the wildlife and the tranquility of the water up close without having to forego the comfort of a cozy bed, a kitchen or good WiFi reception. Imagine living on a houseboat and being greeted by the beauty of nature every morning. You can enjoy lunch on your own roof terrace in a beach chair, spend the afternoon paddling or fishing and fall asleep listening to the gentle murmur of the water. A houseboat holiday is also a special opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. You can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and concentrate on the essentials. You can experience adventures together, discover new places and create beautiful memories. A houseboat vacation is ideal for families, couples or friends who want to spend an unforgettable time together. It's time for some rest and serenity away from everyday life Experience slow living away from the hustle and bustle, let yourself be inspired by nature and the water and explore the region and its inhabitants from a new perspective. Perhaps you will also discover new aspects of yourself during your houseboat holiday.
  • At what time of the year is a houseboat holiday worthwhile?
    Are you dreaming of a holiday on a houseboat, but don't know when the best time to travel is? Don't worry - you can choose according to your preferences. Because every season has its own charm. On a houseboat you can experience many exciting things that show you nature from a new perspective. In spring you can watch how the plants and animals wake up from hibernation. In summer you can enjoy the sun and the water to the fullest. What could be nicer than jumping into the cool water from your houseboat or letting the fresh wind blow in your face? In autumn it gets really cozy. You can retreat to the cozy houseboat with an exciting book and a cup of tea and forget the stress of everyday life.
  • Is a houseboat holiday for children?
    A houseboat vacation for families is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors while having exciting adventures. Anyone who has ever traveled with children knows that they not only need rest and relaxation, but also fun and action. Fortunately, there is a lot to discover for families on a houseboat holiday, because it never gets boring in the marina and the surrounding towns. Many opportunities for activities How about if you could buy fresh fish straight from the cutter in the morning? Or if you could let off steam while swimming, mini golf, stand-up paddling, hang gliding or building sandcastles? For those with a sweet tooth, there are delicious local specialties or a large portion of ice cream in a beach chair. Of course, you should always keep an eye on the non-swimmers on the water. Space to play and relax The sea view houseboats can accommodate up to five people - so everyone has enough space to play and relax. Nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable family holiday by the water.
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